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Power House Feijoa Smoothie

Power House Feijoa Smoothie

John Wilkins’ Feijoa Smoothie Recipe

Heather’s Feijoas
FD powder 2 dessert spoons or 4 fresh

Organic Milk 180mls

Protein Powder 45 grams

Ground Cinnamon 1 rounded tea spoon

Cacao Powder 1 rounded desert spoon

Cacao Nibs 1 rounded desert spoon

Hemp Powder 1 rounded desert spoon

Banana 1 peeled banana

Ginger Root 25 mm cube peeled

Eggs 2 raw free range

Honey 1 dessert spoon

Yogurt plain 150 gram or so

Put all ingredients in your wizzer and makes about 1 L. You are good to go!

Thank you John!

Instagram photo by @colouv