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About Us

Bringing you the taste of feijoa

Over 20 years ago, a taste of New Zealand brought Heather to Hawke’s Bay to buy a farm. However it was her first taste of feijoas that defined her future and set her on her current path. 

With a passion for a flavour that is both unique and delicious, she started by planting nearly 2,000 feijoa trees. While her organic fruit is always in high demand, Heather wondered how to prolong the availability of feijoas beyond the short, intense growing season.

Heather Smith (proprietor), Sariah Wilson (sales and marketing) and Nicky Spicer (book keeping and editing).

She decided the opportunity was to find new ways for people to enjoy the fruit she harvests. With this in mind, she experimented with different types of processing that would make it possible to enjoy Feijoas all year round.

The result is Heather’s Feijoas, a unique range of frozen, freeze-dried, and powdered organic feijoa fruit. Feijoas are high in bio-actives, Vitamins C and K, and have a unique and moreish flavour. Heather’s Feijoas are 100% New Zealand grown, gluten and GMO free, and Biogro certified. Whether enjoyed on their own or added as an ingredient, Heather’s Feijoas can be enjoyed across every season.

The journey of exploration has not ended. Feijoa has some incredible, high powered properties that make them able to deliver benefits when applied to the body as well as enjoyed in food. 

Processing the feijoa makes it possible to take a seasonal flavour and enjoy it every month of the year. It’s also possible to take a taste of New Zealand and transport it across the world. Heather’s Feijoas is now available internationally, just contact us today to place your order.

Whether you’re new to the feijoa or an avid fan, we encourage you to try our products and experience something truly unique and special. Browse the Heather’s Feijoas range in our shop or take a look at our recipe page for some feijoa flavoured inspiration.

Just fell in love with this awesome new snack Freeze-Dried feijoa wedges! I'm a person that loves snacks but loves to be healthy too. So it ticked all the boxes for me. Tasty, crunchy, healthy and I couldn't stop eating them! The powder tastes like sherbet! Yum! Thank you perfect feijoa farmer!
Heika O'Regan