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Ready to explore further?

We’re exploring more ways to bring feijoas to your table and to your home. If you’re thinking about adding feijoas to your ingredient list, or your store, we would love to help.
We welcome your questions and ideas, or your feedback on our products. FAQ below :)
Is PayPal Safe?
For those who are not tech savvy and have concerns about PayPal please note the following.
1. They are just as safe as the bank.
2. They are government approved and regulated.
Please visit their website for more information PayPal Safety or do your diligence and ask a friend :)
How does the shipping calculation work?
Shipping is calculated on weight (especially for international orders). The Lighter the items the more cost effective the shipping (our lightest products are the freeze dried feijoa wedges and the powder.
Why do other companies offer free shipping and you do not?
Let's get one thing straight, there is no such thing as free shipping. What free shipping actually means is that the shipping costs have been added onto the cost of your products. This means some people end up paying for other people's shipping and the cost of your product is not accurate. Here at Heather's Feijoas we believe in transparency and like you to know what you are actually paying for.