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Organic Feijoa Puree 20kg
Organic Feijoa Puree 20kg
Organic Feijoa Puree 20kg

Organic Feijoa Puree 20kg


Heather’s feijoa puree is popular in the food industry. This is a specialty item that is not sold directly to consumers anywhere else in the world. Puree is perfect for baking (see recipes), porridge, juices, smoothies, yoghurt, muesli, ice cream, ice blocks and even in baby food. We leave the skin on to provide an intense flavour and increase nutrient density. 

Ingredients: BioGro-certified organic feijoas, vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

Shipping only to NZ and AUS. Aseptically packaged (like canned fruit). Upon receiving, portion into desired sizing and freeze, leaving some for everyday use in the fridge. Store in freezer for 6-9 months and once open in fridge use within two weeks. 

Please note: Pouches have changed since this photo was taken and there is no longer a nozzle. To pour, cut the corner of the bag.

20kg $170  (please contact us for volume pricing)

For 3kg puree click here

BBF 12th May 2023

1x 20kg