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🎁 Check out our feijoa packs for savings 🎁 🎁 Check out our feijoa packs for savings 🎁


Congratulations you are one step closer to having yummy organic Hawke's Bay feijoas in your tummy. We are transparent with our actual costs and do not incorporate blanket rate shipping costs into our product pricing. We charge you the actual price of the product and the actual cost of shipping. This means you get what you pay for and are not paying for someone else's shipping! 

Shipping is calculated on weight at the check out. For this reason our international feijoa fans tend to lean towards the freeze-dried feijoas as they are light and economical to ship.

National (New Zealand) shipping and international shipping work differently in that shipping to all countries outside of New Zealand are calculated by weight increments of .10g! 

We have bulk buy feijoa packs to suit all appetites and continents! 

We are sure you'll love our delicious BioGro Organic Hawke's Bay Feijoas! We have plenty of recipes to inspire and many people tag us us on their social media.