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Feijoa Panna Cotta

Feijoa Panna Cotta


50g Heather's Feijoa Powder ⁠
150ml of apple juice ⁠
200 ml yogurt (she used plant based for this recipe)⁠
1 drop cardamom essential oil⁠
1/6 tsp - grind cardamom⁠
sweetener by your taste⁠
1-2 tsp - agar agar (or carrageenan)⁠

💚 use agar agar according to instruction. pre-soak it in cold water.⁠
💚 blend all the ingredients together until smooth besides agar agar.⁠
💚 add agar agar and blend all together for several seconds.⁠
💚 heat the mixture in a saucepan until it boils stirring all the time.⁠
💚 turn off the heat and arrange the mixture into forms.⁠
💚 let it cool in the fridge for about an hour.⁠

Serve with drop of syrup of your choice and handful of roasted chopped pistachio nuts.⁠

Photo and recipe inspiration from @ginger.bite

food by ginger is love from the first bite! ⁠

Ginger is based in Latvia, Jurmala.