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Feiioa Marshmallow

Feijoa Marshmallow

Feijoa Marshmallow (made from the Plantified Aquafaba Marshmallow recipe + 1
tsp Cream of Tartar & Heather's Feijoas Powder to taste)

Feijoa Jelly (made from feijoas,Heather's Feijoas Powder, a little minced ginger, lemon juice, water & agar - cooked together in a saucepan, mashed and then poured into a lined dish to set) 

Biscuit of your choosing
Whittakers 50% Dark Chocolate 

On a low/medium heat, cook the feijoas, feijoa juice & water in a pot until feijoas are tender. Mash feijoas then whisk in all other ingredients, heat for a further few minutes stirring continuously.

Pour jelly into a lined dish and allow to set. Then cut out the required shape/s.

 Layer the marshmallow & jelly on a digestive biscuit

Melt chocolate using a double boiler method, & pour on top and allow to set! Voilà.