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COVID 19 policy

Covid19 Policy 2020


We are a business that wants to take extra measures to protect their staff and customers, we do so in line with Ministry of Health advice on social/physical distancing and limiting the spread of the virus.

This includes communicating staff sickness policies to employees, and ensuring staff hygiene, cleaning and sanitation processes continue in the orchard and office.

We ensure all contractors, visitors, delivery drivers coming into your plant follow Ministry of Health guidelines.

For communal areas, like canteens and break rooms, these extra precautions are in line with Ministry of Health advice.

All employees have signed a declaration of last 3 weeks whereabouts prior to starting work.  This is to protect everyone.

    • We are under the essential job category: Food and we have registered with MPI
    • We wash our hands/sanitise our hands and buckets before and after touching any personal items such as but not limited to vehicle/personal food/toileting.
  • Shared equipment staff touch directly is sanitised throughout the day.

  • Eating of feijoas is only allowed at designated snack/lunch times.
  • We stagger snack and lunch times and places. The orchard is large so we will spread out.
  • All food, snacks, drink bottles keep to oneself – do not share
  • We will have plenty of soap/water/sanitiser for staff!
  • We must manage a 2 meter distance at all times from each other– this is essential and currently the law.
  • Please be conscious of not touching your hair or face and rewash as soon as you do.
  • Hair must be tied up tightly and not free in any manner (pony tails for short hair only).
  • We sign in and out everyday in the ORCHARD. Employees do not stop anywhere else in the farm on their way once through the farm gate.
  • Please keep your nail short and no jewellery to be worn
  • All personal rubbish is taken taken away by employees.



Anyone exhibiting symptoms prior the day should not attend work until the symptoms dissipate and the affected person follows self- isolation for 14 days or medical advice. Covid-19 symptoms include (but are not limited to) fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath. Covid-19 most often begins with a temperature of 37.3 degrees centigrade or more and is contagious from the first sign of illness.




  • ~ We are always looking out for work risks and managing them when they arise
  • ~ We identify and manage both health risks and safety risks to people in our work place
  • ~ We monitor the health of workers and workplace conditions to prevent illness and injury
  • ~ We include workers and family in planning to make the orchard healthy and safe
  • ~ We train and supervise people in the orchard to
  • make sure workers and family know how to manage risks
  • ~ We keep a record of notifiable events
  • ~ We have procedures for dealing with workplace emergencies
  • ~ We have safe and healthy facilities for workers
  • ~ We make sure machinery and systems are safe for trained workers to use
  • ~ We provide and make sure personal protective equipment is used where appropriate.
  • ~ Smoking- the orchards are a smoke free area. If you smoke you must do so in the designated area, and put butts in your own jar in your bag/car and take them away with you.