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Fun Feijoa Pack (Organic) *valued at over $57

Fun Feijoa Pack (Organic) *valued at over $57


This Fun Feijoa Pack will satisfy your cravings ! Pamper yourself or surprise a loved one, delivered right to the door. For gifts we are happy to put a card in the box. The pack contains

4x Organic Freeze Dried Feijoa Wedges

2x Organic Feijoa Jelly

1x Organic 50ml Feijoa Essence Spritz

*fresh feijoas shown in photo not included

Freeze Dried Wedges 25g

Our Freeze-dried Feijoa Wedges are 100% feijoas. We even leave the skin on to provide an intense flavour and increase nutrient density. The powder is perfect in smoothies and in a variety of baking. Powder can also be simply sprinkled on cereal, yoghurt or ice-cream for a delicious and nutritious hit. The wedges are an unadulterated snack, you can merely pop as is, in your bag without worry that it will crumble. However, you are able to break it up and use in a trail mix, muesli, meringue, or make chocolates such as fondue and chocolate bark. And yes you can rehydrate them with water or juice!

Ingredients:100% organic feijoa 

Feijoa Hydrosol/Essence 50ml spray bottle

A beautiful product full of untapped potential in the natural cosmetics industry. Our Feijoa Essence is batch made, using a hydrosol method. We take organic feijoa skins, extract all the nutrients and oils before carefully bottling it. This essence is typically used as a facial toner and an invigorating all over body sprits. Feijoa skins are high in both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This coupled with the natural oils, makes our essence eczema friendly and ideal for acne suffers. The essence can also be used as an aftershave or for any other fungal or bacterial needs. Other ideas for uses are as natural deodorant, foot spray for chicken pox or even as an air freshener.

Ingredients: Organic feijoas skins, Rain water.

Feijoa Jelly 110ml

This jelly is a superb condiment for cheese and crackers. It is a great base for salad dressings and meat rubs. It is also fantastic on toast!

Ingredients: Organic Feijoa, Organic Raw Sugar (33.8%), pectin (0.18%)