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Frozen Feijoas 1kg $19.50 (minimum order 2 x 1kg bag)

Frozen Feijoas 1kg $19.50 (minimum order 2 x 1kg bag)


We apologise that we have sold out of Heather's Frozen Feijoas. The good news is our stockists haven't! Check out who your local is and give them a call before you go in. We will have more in stock after the 2021 season.

Heather’s whole peeled frozen feijoas are delicious in many recipes (see recipes). 

They are fantastic in smoothies, make your own sorbet, use as ice cubes in your juices, sparkling sodas or white wine (frozen feijoa ice cubes go well in any drink!). This product also goes beautifully with your favourite yoghurt, muesli or on top of a pavlova! Simply thaw for 10-15 minutes and chop into desired shape.

*This product is recommended for residential areas in the North Island of New Zealand only as shipping is standard overnight courier. Although South Island and rural North Island are welcome to make a purchase you must be aware that courier takes 2 days and the product may not be frozen upon arrival. This product is packed with care into a polystyrene box and with ice packs.

*The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this product is 2 x 1kg bags by selecting this item it will automatically charge you for two 1kg bags.

*Because this item is frozen postage is only done Monday to Wednesday.

Ingredients: Organic feijoas