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10x packets Feijoa Wedges valued at $74

10x packets Feijoa Wedges valued at $74


Our wedges are a 100%-feijoa unadulterated snack. We leave the skin on to provide an intense flavour and increase nutrient density. Carry the packet in your bag and try not to eat them all by morning tea!

Eat them as they are or break them up to use in trail mix, muesli, meringue, or make chocolate goodies such as fondue and chocolate bark (see recipes)

And yes, you can rehydrate our wedges with water. While the texture is a little different from a fresh feijoa, the flavour and nutrients are all there. Rehydrate and use them in any baking that calls for fresh feijoas.

Lightweight so great to ship abroad.

10x 25g Freeze-Dried Feijoa Wedges

Ingredients: 100% BioGro-certified organic feijoas

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