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9kg Fresh Organic Feijoas (BioGro cert.)

9kg Fresh Organic Feijoas (BioGro cert.)


9kg Fresh Feijoas (BioGro cert. organic)

Check out this customer testimonial for our fresh feijoas:

"Heather's Feijoas have ruined all other feijoas for me!" Evan Wilson.

Why, you may ask? Because our feijoas are so damn good, none compare! Our feijoas are Heather's own variety! A Mammoth Triumph seedling cross. 

When you buy our fresh feijoas you are agreeing to the following

-We will label the box as fragile, ripe fresh fruit and package it with extra care. 

-We will not be able to guarantee the condition of 10kg fresh feijoas via courier (the skin may bruise a little).

-Offer only available in New Zealand.

-For main city centres, courier is 1-2 working days. For rural, small cities and the South  Island courier is 2-3 working days. To ensure your fruit is fresh we only dispatch orders on Mondays and Tuesdays.