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Feijoa Frenzy Pack valued at over $120

Feijoa Frenzy Pack valued at over $120


This Feijoa Frenzy Pack will satisfy your feijoa cravings and a friends! Pamper yourself or surprise a loved one, delivered right to the door. This pack has our five most popular online products PureePowder, JellyEssence Spritz and Little Beauties WedgesThis pack contains:

2x BioGro-Cert. Organic Freeze-dried Feijoa Powder 100g 

1x BioGro-Cert. Organic Feijoa Puree 3kg

2x Organic Feijoa Jelly 110ml 

1x Organic Feijoa Essence 50ml 

1x Organic Feijoa Essence 100ml 

1x Little Beauties Freeze-dried Wedges 20g

For gifts we're happy to put a card in the box (please specify at time of order).

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